Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Party at Campanella

`On Saturday, March 7, the Campanella Educational Center held a spring party filled with music, art and treats.

During the party, we put on a multimedia performance that has become our hallmark, pairing the music by Sergei Rachmaninoff with paintings by Mikhail Vrubel, Isaac Levitan and Pavel Fedotov. In doing so, we tried to show how the artists were informed by music and written word. Vrubel drew upon the Russian folklore and myths in general, while Fedotov gave a satiric take on the lives of Russia's early-19th century middle class. We also hoped that our event will help bring people together.

Each painting we displayed was paired with one of Rachmaninoff's pieces, which each piece chosen to match the mood of the painting. Vrubel's "Demons." for example, was paired  with a fragment from Rachmaninoff's "Six Moments."

During the performance, we also recreated "The Major's Marriage Proposal," one of Fedotov's most iconic paintings.

The Major's Marriage Proposal by Pavel Fedotov

Our recreation

After the performance ended, we had outselves some bliny - traditional Russian pancakes similar to crepes. Nicole Koutun, Sophia Korobov, Stella Golod, Talia Kasman made the bliny, while others brought stuffing. Alexandra Lodkin brought jam, Alice Kreston and Elli Fomin brought Nutella, Anna Starobinets, Alice Kapmar and Dorina Snezhkov brought fruits and berries, and Sonya Privin brought cake. And, for those who don't like bliny, we had plenty of other food

You can see more pictures of the event at our Facebook page.