Monday, January 20, 2014

“MozArtiana” Masquerade event a success

Campanella members get into the spirit of Mozart with 18th century costumes

Campanella Children's Choir's “MozArtiana” Masquerade event entertained children and adults alike with music, games and 18th century costumes. The event, which took place on Saturday, January 11, celebrated the life and works of famed composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Over the past few months, the Campanella Educational Center and Campanella Choir have been focusing on Mozart's works and his contributions to the art as a whole. As a child prodigy, Mozart is an inspiration for any child trying to explore his or her talent. During his life, he created many beautiful pieces of music. Since his untimely passing, his work continued to delight listeners from all over the world – and his work continues to inspire artists and composers to this day.

The Campanella Choir members have been working hard for this concert, attending many rehearsals rain or shine. The concert was a culmination of months of hard work and preparation.

The concert was divided into two parts. During the first part, the choir performed arias, duets, trios from the "Magic Flute" - one of Mozart's most famous operas. Chicago Trio, Campanella Choir's long-time collaborators, provided music, while Tanya Ilina provided the visual accompaniments. The second part gave the kids a chance to move around and interact as they played games and danced.

To put our guests in the spirit of Mozart, Campanella Choir turned the concert into a masquerade. Children and guests were encouraged to wear 18th century costumes – or, at the very least, baroque style masks that would be perfectly at home at the sort of masquerade ball Mozart would attend.

The concert has been pretty well received. It even earned praise from Arts4Kids Foundation, a Vernon Hills based non-profit dedicated to supporting arts as a tool of growth and cultural enrichment.

“Wonderful production,” Leonard Mogul, the organization's founder and CEO, wrote on Campanella Children's Choir's Facebook page. “ On behalf of Arts4Kids Foundation, I would like to congratulate Marianna Kosaya, all of the participants, and all others who work hard to put this together”

The organization's official Facebook account joined in on the praise.

“It is an honor to support such events,” it said. “Introducing children to arts is what we do. And it would not be possible without such organizations as the Campanella Children's Choir.”

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